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Outdoor Globe Lighting 

Globe lights create the perfect festive or ambient lighting scene for your outdoor parties or special occasions. Whether you are inviting friends over for a BBQ pool party or just looking to spend a nice, relaxing night in the backyard, globe lights set the mood you desire.

Lighting up the night since 2008 

Serving the Greater Bay Area

Seasonal & Year-Round Lighting Options

Trimlight Bay Area Outdoor Globe Lights
Patented Channel Design

Trimlight offers a unique soffit lighting solution for homes and businesses.

Trimlight offers a unique soffit lighting solution for homes and businesses.

Customize with a Touch

Hardly Seen in Daylight

Trimlight offers a unique soffit lighting solution for homes and businesses.

Best in Class Service

Bulb out? Wind took your lights? Text/Call and we'll fix it within 24 hours!

Smart Tech Compatible

Sync your lights to your smart home technology to sync to your music and access your lights from anywhere. Connect to Alexa or Google and voice control your Trimlight lighting system to on/off or set to specific colors!

Lights Sync to Your Music

Alexa and Google Home Compatible 


Trimlight Programmable LED  Lights

Love love love! Highly recommend! Super responsive, incredible designs. Very happy with their work and overall professionalism! People would walk by our house and ask who did our lights.

Rachel B.


Millions of Customizations 
Options via App 

Multiple options to match your house. Patented channel light design and installation hides wires. Multiple options to match your house. Patented channel light design and installation hides wires.

Trimlight Programmable LED Lights

Thousands of Patterns

Amazing Holiday Presets

Millions of Color Combinations

Easy to use slider controls


Commercial Application

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Residential Application

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Explore More Possibilities 


Trimlights Bay Area Downlighting

Channel Lights

Trimlight Channel Lights

Ideas & Inspiration

Trimlight Bay Area - The Holiday Light Pros
  • How much will this cost?
    Every home or business is different, together with the type of lighting, coverage and degree of installation difficulty, we need to price accordingly. We work with each and every customer to understand their vision and make creative suggestions. Most of the time, we can work with you right over the phone, and utilizing Google earth maps, we can view your home and do a “walk thru” with you to arrive at just the right decorating design for your budget! If needed, we are happy to send one of our pro design managers to your residence or business to discuss your project.
  • Do you provide lights and supplies, or will you hang and use mine?
    We provide EVERYTHING it takes for your Christmas décor (we use only top grade commercial products). You don’t have to worry about lights burning out or a system malfunction because we service what we supply! At the end of the season, we come back and carefully remove everything and take it with us so you never have to store lights and cords again.
  • Why are some other lighting companies cheaper than Christmas Light Pros Tri-Valley?
    We are the Tri-Valley area’s #1 Holiday lighting service….for good reason! We’ve built our reputation on SERVICE, HIGHEST QUALTITY STANDARDS, and RELIABLITY. All of our team members are very well trained in safety, climbing and installations. We do not sub-contact our labor. All team members are covered by workmen’s compensation, and we maintain 2 million dollars in general liability insurance.
  • OK, you do Holiday lighting…what else?
    We are active year round! We design and install for many weddings and special events. We are also busy with Halloween projects as well. We do DIWALI lighting for many customers in the Tri-Valley area ! Call today and speak to a design consultant about your ideas and vision for your next event.
  • When will you install the lights?
    We start hanging lights in SEPTEMBER! We do offer an “early hang” discount, and we always recommend letting us install as soon as possible. If the weather turns foul, our installations will slow down, so book early for priority! If a special date is needed for installation, we will work with you as best we can.
  • When do you remove the lights?
    We start January 2nd. We have a large customer base, and we should have everyone taken care of by the end of January. Go ahead and unplug your display whenever you are done with the lights. If we installed power cords and timers in your garage, or other areas we cannot access, please set out for our pick-up. If you want your lights removed by a particular date, please feel free to call our office, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • It rained and now some of my lights are not turning on?
    The most common reason lights do not turn on after wet weather is because a GFI (Ground Fault Interceptor) outlet has turned off as a safety feature. Resetting a GFI outlet is easy: locate the outlet that is not working, make sure that all the electrical cords and lighting are dry, and simply push the reset button back in. If the reset does not fix the problem, or you are having trouble locating the reset button, feel free to call us, and we can assist you over the phone. Please be sure to check your GFI outlets before contacting us for maintenance.
  • Why are some of my lights turning on and off at different times?
    If your lights are not synchronized, it is possible that either the lights are plugged into a switched outlet or one of the timers could be malfunctioning. If this should happen, please contact us and we will troubleshoot the issue for you.
  • What if I need repairs?
    We do routine drive-by check-ups throughout the season to ensure your lighting and décor are working properly. However, if you notice lights out or other problems, just call or email us and within 24 hours or less, we have them repaired! In the event your lights are out, please be sure to check your GFI outlets prior to contacting us. If the issue is not resolved after checking your GFI outlets, please contact us at: 925-462-5475 or by email or send us a message directly here
  • What areas do you provide service to?
    We cover the Tri-Valley and the greater Bay Area, including the South Bay and along the Peninsula
  • Do we need to be home for installation and or removal?
    Most of the time no. Our trained installation teams can complete an installation whether you are there or not. In some cases the power supply access may be behind a locked door or gate, and the homeowner must ensure it is unlocked prior to installation or be home to grant us access.
    Trimlight is the Nation’s first and foremost provider and installer of permanent LED lighting for homes and businesses that provides year-round architectural accents, increases security, celebrates holidays and events, enlivens outdoor spaces, and enhances curb appeal. We are Trimlight Bay Area, your local dealer in the SF Bay Area covering much of San Mateo, Santa Clara and Alameda and Contra Costa counties,
    Trimlight is a permanent, programmable LED lighting system for your home or business. Trimlight is professionally installed and allows for holiday, landscape and security lighting year-round! The lights are completely customizable through the Trimlight app, hardly noticeable during the day, and energy efficient. We’re the most functional and versatile permanent lighting on the market.
    Trimlight can be installed on any structure, both residential and commercial, including homes, pergolas/patio covers, ADUs, restaurants, car dealerships, strip malls, banks, movie theaters, parks, places of worship etc. Basically, if you’re a business looking to increase visibility and traffic to your location, installing Trimlight will help you stand out from the crowd.
    There are so many benefits of Trimlight! The first obvious benefit is permanence. Trimlight eliminates the need to pay for traditional holiday lights, which gets very expensive year-after-year. It also eliminates the need to put lights up yourself, eliminating the risk of potentially harming yourself by climbing up on the roof and freeing up your time so you can spend it with family during the holidays. Another huge benefit is the aesthetic. With custom-matched channel and professional installation, these lights are designed to stay up year-round, fit within any HOA guidelines, and compliment the look of any home. Trimlight is the best value, since users are able to use the system year-round, as opposed to four weeks out of the year. Lifetime manufacturer warranty on the product, energy-efficiency and reliable customer service are just a few more.
    Trimlight has worked with hundreds of HOAs nationally. Trimlight is approved by nearly every HOA due to its sleek, professional design and installation. For approval for your specific HOA, please contact us and we will provide an HOA packet to present to your HOA for approval.
    Our patented channel allows us to install our lights on any roofline or structure. We use aluminum so it won’t rust or corrode. The channels are enamel-baked to prevent from fading and chipping over time. This channel is color-matched to any existing trim color and is installed on the underside of the eave, behind the gutters and trim. This allows it to be practically invisible during the day and unnoticeable to those passing by!
    Our app is extremely user-friendly and compatible with Android and Apple devices. The app comes with over 180 presets, pre-configured holiday patterns and daily timers, which is very helpful for those who are less tech-savvy. For those who want complete customization, users can also set custom sequences and make their own color combos. The beauty of our system is you can set it and forget it.
    Hardly any! Each Trimlight bulb uses .6 watts of energy. A 200′ house would then use 120-400 watts. That means you would have to run your Trimlight system for nearly 3-8 hours before you’re billed $0.06 – $0.20! In comparison, incandescent Christmas lights use anywhere from 1000-1400 watts for the same number of lights!
    We offer multiple products, so pricing varies dependent on the product, size, and scope of your project. For our permanent Trimlight system, exact cost varies based on size and scope of your project (i.e. linear footage, number and size of peaks, turrets, rental equipment needed etc.). We provide a free estimate using remote measuring so you can see if Trimlight fits your budget. One you let us know you are comfortable with the cost of your project we will come out to your home and confirm all the details, including power location, Wi-Fi coverage, trim color to finalize your order.
    We appreciate all the sacrifice and hard work that often goes unnoticed and offer a discount to all military, first responders and teachers! We also typically offer a low-season discount to keep our crews busy through the less busy times of the year. Call and speak to our designers for more information and a customized quote.
    You have a few options if you have questions on operating our app. You can click on the “Our App” page under the “Resources” tab on the main navigation. You can also view 2 other pages under the “Resources” tab “Video Tutorials” and “Troubleshooting”. If you still need assistance or in-person training, contact us at (754) 444-8711 and schedule an appointment to walk you through the app or go over any questions you might have.

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